An East Ayrshire village has been ranked as the best place in the UK to secure Glastonbury tickets, according to a new study.

Glastonbury Ticket Scramble Matrix looked at median broadband speeds and estimated network traffic to highlight where the best and worst spots are to bag a ticket to Glastonbury this year.

Over 2.5 million people attempted to get their hands on only 135,000 tickets last year, giving the average person less than a six per cent chance of successfully purchasing a ticket.

On looking at where is the best to secure your spot, East Ayrshire's Dalrymple was rated as the best.

Dalrymple topped the list of ultimate ticket buying locations followed by Weeton-with-Preese in Lancashire and Burgh-by-sands in Cumbria which all combine high broadband speeds with low estimated network traffic.

However, data found that Scotland overall was the worst UK region to get tickets, with over 60,000 homes not having access to usable broadband and so have a slim chance of getting their hands on Glastonbury tickets this year.

More details on the Glastonbury Ticket Scramble Matrix can be found here.