POLICE have issued warnings to the public over plans for a 'car cruise' event in Ayr this weekend.

Officers say there may be congestion and delays around the Ayr Beach area on Friday, September 29.

Police have also warned those planning to take part in the event that anti-social behaviour and off-road driving will not be tolerated - and say there will be a heavy police presence in the area.

In a post on Facebook, a Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Police Scotland are aware of a car cruise event planned at Ayr Beach on Friday, September 29.

"Previous events have been well attended, and Police are advising local community members that there may be congestion and possible delays in the area.

"Police Scotland Ayrshire officers - including Response, Locality, and Divisional Roads Policing units, including Off-Road Terrain Vehicles will be on duty in the area."

Police vehicles will also be patrolling the routes leading to and from the event - and officers say drivers taking part should make sure their vehicles are roadworthy and that all their documents are in order.

The spokesperson added: "We understand that the majority of those attending this event are not intent on breaking the law.

"Those who participate in antisocial behaviour such as speeding, wheel-spinning or creating a disturbance could face prosecution and/or have their vehicle seized.

"Please keep your vehicle on the road, use designated parking areas and take home your litter. Driving off-road will not be tolerated.

"If you are attending the event, please enjoy it, share this post, act responsibly and encourage others not to spoil it for the majority.

"Anyone with any specific concerns is asked to speak with officers on patrol or call their local policing team on 101."