AN ARTIST from Prestwick has been chosen by the famous Abbey Road Studios to create a new series of trophies for a global awards ceremony.

Gordon Brown, known for his unique fusion of graffiti, tags, and evocative imagery, was commissioned to design and create 10 trophies for the 2023 Abbey Road Music Photography Awards.

These exclusive awards, each crafted using archive reels from the world-famous studios where many of music's most famous names have recorded albums over the years, were presented to the winners on September 21, marking a historic union of music and art.

Gordon, who operates under the moniker Urban Punkz, has gained wide recognition for his ability to blend urban and contemporary art forms with a powerful visual narrative.

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Each of the awards fuses historic and modern recording systems at Abbey Road Studios,  interwoven with photographs of graffiti, tags, and vandalised areas from around the world - with some of the images captured locally, including the Alloway Tunnel in Ayr.

As part of the process Gordon also hand-embellished parts of the trophies with spray paint, infusing them with a unique blend of artistic expression.

Gordon said: "I am profoundly honoured to have been chosen by Abbey Road Studios to craft the trophies for the Music Photography Awards 2023.

"This project represents the perfect fusion of my passion for art, my admiration for the world of music, and my reverence for the art of photography. Each trophy embodies the spirit of creative collaboration."