Police in Ayrshire are urging locals to speak up when they witness rural crime including cruelty against animals. 

Birds of prey are regularly targeted across Scotland, with some offences carrying prison sentences of up to six years.

A police spokesperson said: "In the UK, all wild birds, their nests, and their eggs are protected by law. It is against the law to intentionally kill, injure, or take wild birds. 

"Birds of prey including golden eagles, peregrine falcons and hen harriers, are shot, poisoned and illegally trapped, with their nests and eggs frequently disturbed.

"As well as being incredibly cruel to the birds, many of which are increasingly rare in the wild, the spring traps used present potential danger to people.

"The poisons used can be extremely dangerous even in tiny amounts, as people can absorb them through the skin."

To find out the warning signs and to tell Crimestoppers Scotland what you know, go here.