A Miss Scotland finalist wants to use gaming as a tool to help underprivileged children.

Jade MacIntyre, 25, is one of 11 Miss Scotland finalists - two of them from Ayr - hoping to win the big prize later this month.

The former Wellington School pupil holds a first class degree in Scots law from Strathclyde University, where she also completed a post graduate diploma.

Jade has now made a career out of gaming, where she creates content that has amassed millions of views online.

Jade told the Advertiser: "I applied for Miss Scotland because I want to break the mould.

"Something like this felt out of touch to me looking at it as a young girl. But, that’s not the case at all and I want to represent that someone with interests and passions like mine can be up there with the other girls.

"I already represent Scotland in my field and have eyes on me from all over the world and this was just a step further. I want to inspire other young girls to follow the path they want to follow.

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"It is a massive honour to be a finalist. The talent is incredible and to be picked among the other finalists, it’s amazing. I hope to use the opportunity to push forward with my agenda to inspire young girls and young people in general.

"My plan for the near future is to pursue more opportunities in hosting, whether that be stages at events, radio or podcasts etc, working with more brands and be involved in more amazing campaigns that help shape the future for young people, especially in gaming and in Scotland but also generally.

"I want to push forward with my campaign to get underprivileged kids more involved in the opportunities gaming has to offer and use a route that is sustainable at the same time.

"I am in a privileged position and I want to use that to give back to and inspire those who aren’t, that is my future."

The Miss Scotland grand final will take place on Friday, September 29 in Glasgow.