Police in Ayrshire have issued advice following an increase in 'relay attacks' to steal vehicles. 

The technique uses a handheld signal-boosting device to access keyless car-entry vehicles, giving thieves access to the vehicle.

Officers say that a Faraday cage can help to defend your keys from such thefts, but have listed other simpler methods to deter crooks. 

A spokesperson said: "A Faraday cage is a means of defence from such theft. Its design is often a pouch or key cupboard that is lined to block the electrical signals from devices within.

"If you are considering such a product, look for the Secured by Design logo. SBD is a scheme providing a recognised police-preferred security product standard.

"Other steps to consider are checking vehicle doors are locked and secure, and listening for the central locking and watching for the indicators flashing when locking your vehicle. 

"Do not store keys near windows or doors, use the steering lock, ensure all spare keys are stored as securely and safely as your primary key, and if you buy a second-hand keyless entry vehicle then have the key re-programmed."

For more information go to https://ow.ly/OGjb50PMLLo.