A man allegedly recorded sex with a woman without her consent, as well as alleged domestic abuse and pretending to be his ex partner on her social media.

Craig Imrie is accused of operating equipment to enable him to observe a woman doing a private act between May 1, 2017 and July 31, 2017.

Court papers state the 31-year-old photographed and video recorded the complainer without her knowledge or consent, both in a state of undress and while engaged in sexual intercourse with the accused at an address in Ayr.

Mr Imrie, of Townhead, Dalmellington, is alleged to have also behaved in a threatening or abusive manner to a woman who was then his partner, from November 2, 2017 and December 24 2020 at an address in Mauchline and Ayr.

The charge states he shouted, swore and slammed doors, also throwing jackets and baby seats out a car, striking the doors of the car against outside of wall of house.

It's alleged he also threw a child's carry cot at her, striking her body to her injury. 

It's claimed he seized hold of a pen in her possession and threw it across the room.

The charges state Mr Imrie also posted and sent messages of the woman naked and engaged in sexual intercourse with him, to be viewed by others without her consent.

It's further alleged he made up lies about her, as well as repeatedly attempting to control what she did, how to dress, her weight and hair colour.

The Crown alleges Mr Imrie induced the woman to give him her social media and online banking credientials, induced her to activate her location on her phone to enable him to track her movements.

It's further alleged he accused her of being unfaithful and accessed her social media to pretend he was her.

The charge was aggravated by alleged abuse of a partner or ex partner. 

Imrie's defence solicitor said his client pleaded not guilty to the charges when the case called at Ayr Sheriff Court.

Sheriff Desmond Leslie continued his bail, with the case due to call later in the year for a pre trial debate.