An Ayrshire mother has spoken of her trauma after her daughter's toe was cut off during an incident at the international air show in Ayr at the weekend.

More than 240,000 people attended the International Ayr Show - Festival of Flight, with traffic incidents and jammed car parks reported by the public.

Ashley Clark and her daughter, Millie were among those who visited the Low Green for the event - but what started off as an experience to remember soon turned into disaster after Millie had her toe severed after an incident at one of the funfair rides at the Festival Village.

Millie's mother has spoken about her anger following the traumatic incident.

Ashley told the Advertiser: "I am traumatised, shocked and angry. Millie is sore and also traumatised. She is in pain and absolutely knackered.

"The rude owners of the ride showed a sheer lack of compassion towards my daughter and with the worker pulling her foot out.

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"The show started off great and ended with Millie losing her toe. We are hoping there is no more infection and the rest of the toes are saved."

Luckily, there was a nurse on hand to offer emergency support.

"I just want to thank the lady that was a nurse that helped," Ashley continued.

A South Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: "This was a deeply distressing incident and our thoughts are with the injured child and their family.

"The Council checks that fairground operators have the required certification and insurance in place prior to issuing any licence to operate.

"However, how people access rides and how they are run is the responsibility of their operators.

"The Health and Safety Executive would be the authority who would carry out any investigation as required.”

The Health and Safety Executive have been contacted for comment.