AYR United are inviting fans to submit questions for their managing director to answer.

The club say that Graeme Mathie will be answering these questions in an interview which they will air "over the weekend".

Mathie, who joined his hometown in December 2021, has a wide-ranging remit in his role, which he came into following seven years at Hibernian, where he served as head of recruitment and then sporting director.

Now fans of the Honest Men will have the chance to pose pressing questions to Mathie.

A club statement said that they will be hosting the question and answer session in a "spirit of transparency and open communication".

The short announcement said: "In a change to our usual method of delivering a club update and in the spirit of transparency and open communication, we are inviting supporters to submit any questions that they would like the managing director, Graeme Mathie, to address.

"Answers will be aired in an interview over the weekend.

"All the questions will be collated to ensure, as best as possible, that all topics are covered.

"Questions must be submitted by 10pm this evening, Thursday September 7."

Supporters are able to submit their questions for the managing director here.