A South Ayrshire woman has journeyed the length of Britain - on foot.

Project manager Yvonne Holland, who lives in Ayr, has just completed the journey of a lifetime, walking entirely on foot, from John O’Groats to Land’s End over the summer.

The 58-year-old started the journey in the middle of May and completed her journey, 1,250 miles later, at the end of August.

Yvonne said she’s delighted to have completed the challenge and is now looking forward to resting her feet: “I’m absolutely thrilled to have completed this adventure. I’ve been immersed in nature and seen some beautiful sights and met some wonderful people.

"And most of all, I’ve taken life a day at a time, at a steady walking pace. There is lots to reflect on as I prepare to return to my old life.

"I’ve also proved to myself that anything is possible, when you set your mind to it. That’s reassuring for me, as someone who has been coming to terms with being diagnosed with diabetes.”

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Originally Yvonne thought it was a long-distance walk she would tackle during retirement, but a type-2 diabetes diagnosis prompted her to reconsider timings and take a summer career break.

As well as completing a lifetime ambition she’s raised money for three different charities, including over £1,600 for international development charity Christian Aid.

Head of Christian Aid Scotland, Val Brown, said: “We’re delighted that Yvonne has successfully completed her long journey to Land’s End in Cornwall.

"We’ve enjoyed getting updates along the way, as she’s travelled the length of the country, come rain or shine.

"Her determination to complete the distance while raising money has been an inspiration and we’re hugely grateful that Christian Aid, which works to eradicate extreme poverty, is one of the charities she has chosen to raise money for.”