The new owner of the oldest barber shop in Ayr has said it was an "honour" to take over the business.

Ann-Marie Kelly took over Carrick Street's Gentlemen's Barbers earlier this year after spending 12 years at local hairdresser's Bowie's.

Ann-Marie admits the business, which originally opened in 1957, is going well so far, but that the Carrick Street area is looking rundown.

And the experienced barber has her sights set on it giving the place a new trim.

Ann-Marie told the Advertiser: "Bowie's has a good reputation in the town where generations came and went and have come back years later.

"But it was a great opportunity for me to take over the business and it was an honour to the Bowie family to keep it going in these present times.

"I have had the business for three months now and it's going well, only downside is the town itself is looking rundown and Carrick Street too.

"My plans are to grow the business and re-decorate inside and out.

"My intention for the shop is to keep it old and traditional, with a modern twist."

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