A Girvan pensioner faces charges of exposing himself and committing a lewd act in front of a woman.

John James Stewart, 73, faces five charges of allegedly subjecting women to indecent behaviour acting in the course of their employment at his address in the Carrick town's Duff Street. 

Court papers state this was intentionally, and for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification or of humiliating, distressing or alarming the women.

It's alleged he directed sexual verbal communications to one woman without her consent on January 25, making remarks of a sexual nature to her.

He faces a second charge of making more sexual comments to a second woman the next day on January 26, before intentionally exposing his genitals with the intention she would see them.

It's also claimed he made more sexual remarks to a third woman attending the address in the course of her work on January 27 and that he directed a sexual comment to a fourth woman on January 28, uttering a sexual remark without her consent.

It's alleged the pensioner made more sexual remarks to a fiifth complainer on the same date, also making sexual noises.

The case was continued without plea when it called in the accused's absence last week at Ayr Sheriff Court.

He will face the charges in court at a later date.