Here’s a blast from the past: a selection of photos from the Ayr Advertiser 25 years ago – July 1998 – all in glorious black and white.

Back then, Scotland’s oldest weekly paper still hadn’t brought in full colour photos. That would follow within a year or two.

Who can you spot in these pictures from across South Ayrshire?

Ayr Advertiser: The Belmont Banner team

The Belmont Banner was voted the best secondary school newspaper – for the fourth time. Judges at the Scotsman School Magazine and Newspaper Awards were unanimous in their decision.

Ayr Advertiser: The Forehill skatepark campaigners

Forehill youngsters marched on Ayr’s County Buildings to demand the return of their roller blading park. The ramps had been removed by council workmen earlier in the week. Council chiefs said the decision was taken after complaints about ‘drunken louts’ using the park in the evenings.

Ayr Advertiser: Dealing with the chemical alert on Ayr beach

Ayr Beach was declared a danger zone after a canister containing toxic gases and explosives washed up. A beach cleaner who discovered it had to be taken to hospital for a check up. Chemical experts and a bomb disposal team were called in. Regional chemist Jack Campbell and assistant officer Craig Shaw are pictured near the scene.

Ayr Advertiser: Robert and Thomas Malcolmson

There was double trouble for an Ayr Playgroup when a seven-year-old twin was left behind after a fun day out. Identical twins Robert and Thomas Malcolmson had been enjoying a trip to Loudoun Castle with the Child Watch North Ayr group. But they failed to notice Robert had given them the slip until they were back in Ayr. He was found by park staff and the group launched an urgent review of their childcare procedures.

Ayr Advertiser: The Bryson family with Frankenstein the miracle cat

Frankenstein the comeback cat from Maybole was named Scottish Pet Survivor of the Year. The puss had been hit by a car and revived by a kiss of life from vet Lorna Lzaenby after he died on the operating table. Franke spent five days in a coma, and owners the Bryson family were told he would be paralysed from the neck down.  But after weeks of therapry, osteopathy, he was back on all fours. Our pictures shows owners Ayr Advertiser reporter Cheryl and husband Paul with children Martyn, 12, Megan, 10, and Euean, eight.

Ayr Advertiser: Prestwick Academy Duxes Audree Patterson and Neil Adams with rector Mike Goodwin in 1998

Prestwick Academy 1998 Duxes Audree Patterson and Neil Adams are pictured with rector Mike Goodwin and other prizewinners.