Prestwick Airport is a popular spot for Scots wanting to travel by plane to a range of exotic destinations - especially if you're an Ayrshire resident looking for your most convenient departure point.

However, airports can become stressful very quickly when rules and regulations are not adhered to, spoiling the start of your holiday.

This is why we have decided to answer some of the most commonly asked hand luggage questions.

Why are there restrictions on liquids at UK airports?

The current liquid rules were implemented in 2006 to prevent those with hostile intent from carrying explosive liquids onto planes.

This rule is set to change by 2024 with the installation of new technology in airports throughout the country.

Edinburgh Airport is among those installing the new scanners, with the location recently purchasing the updated baggage checkers.

Does the 100ml liquid rule still apply at Prestwick Airport?

The restrictions on liquids and gels in hand luggage still apply at Prestwick Airport with liquids needing to be stored in 100ml or less containers to be allowed on flights.

According to Prestwick Airport, liquids in larger containers will not be allowed through security. Those with larger liquid containers will need to pack these in their hold luggage.

The only exemptions on hand luggage liquids at the airport apply to "Baby products required for the duration of the flight" such as baby milk, sterilised water, baby food and wet wipes.

Essential prescriptions are also exempt but a letter from a relevant medical practitioner or a copy of the prescription will need to be presented. 

Both liquid types will need to be scanned.

Do toothpaste, lipstick and mascara count as liquids at airports?

According to the Post Office website, "liquids" include drinks and partially or fully liquid food like honey.

Toiletries like make-up, perfume, creams, lotions, gels, mascara, lip gloss/stick and toothpaste are also liquids.

Sprays, aerosols, gels and contact lenses also count as liquids.

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