AN AYRSHIRE kids' club has still to carry out improvements called for by inspectors 18 months ago, a report has found.

Alloway After School Club was given pass marks by the Care Inspectorate, but told there is still room for improvement.

Watchdog body the Care Inspectorate made their findings known following an unnanounced visit to the Doonholm Road premises at the end of March

The inspectors found that in most cases the club's strengths "only just outweighed weaknesses".

Their report also found that a number of recommended improvements from previous visits dating back 18 months had not been carried out.

The club's performance was rated as 'averag'e in the the four key categories under which it was inspected, which included care, play and learning, setting, and leadership and staffing.

The Care Inspectorate report said: "There were a few missed opportunities during routine activities for staff to develop trusting relationships with children

"Children's needs were not always met as there was limited understanding of how to support children's emotional wellbeing.

"We found there was the start of an improvement plan in place; this needs to be further developed."

The inspectors also called for more appropriate infection control procedures.

They added: "Most children were asking why they needed to wash their hands.

"The manager should ensure that hand hygiene is being monitored to ensure consistency by all staff and children."

Alloway After School Club takes up to 30 children attending primary school.

It is located in a building next to Alloway Primary School.

The report continued: "We found that the overall presentation of the main playroom needed to be improved to provide a calming play and learning environment for children.

"For example, we saw no areas where children could be cosy within and relax. In addition, no children's work was on display."

The report also called for better staff training.

It added: "We found that staff were not implementing new skills and learning acquired from their training."

The inspectors said the club had failed to provide "quiet, restful areas" for children to use following a previous recommendation in September 2021.

They continued: "Limited progress had been made to achieve this area for improvement.

"The manager and the staff shared that they had tried a tent but this had been unsuccessful."

However the Care Inspectorate also had some words of praise for the Alloway club following their inspection.

Parents told them their children enjoyed their time there and had made friends with teachers and other pupils.

The report added: "The staff team worked well together and were courteous and respectful to each other.

"This provided a happy and relaxed environment for children.

"We were satisfied all staff were confident and clear on medication procedures, helping to support children's health and wellbeing.

"Staff fully understood the role they played in keeping children safe and protected from harm and had undertaken recent child protection training."

The establishment has been contacted for comment.