Proposals to turn three flats in the heart of Ayr into holiday lets will be considered by councillors this week.

The application has attracted objections from neighbours and Fort, Seafield and Wallacetown Community Council.

But it has also received backing from tourism group, Destination South Ayrshire.

They say there is a need for tourist accommodation ahead of September’s Ayr Show and the Open golf tournament in 2024.

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The apartments in Wellington Square do not require any physical work, but do need a formal change of use to comply with new regulations for short term lets.

All three are on different floors of the category B listed building at the corner of Wellington Square and Casillis Street.

The property, which has historically been a permanent residence, is within the Ayr Outstanding Conservation Area.

A neighbour in the same block has objected to the proposals, citing security, noise and impact on the condition of the listed building

She said: “Security is compromised with many different people coming and going and the main entrance is regularly left unlocked .

“Noise obviously has and will continue to increase, due to more people having access.

“Deterioration to the communal parts of the Listed Building obviously will be accelerated.

“There will be a financial impact on the value of our properties detrimentally.

“The saleability of the properties will also be affected detrimentally.

“There is no one on site to manage any problems that arise due to

this business , nor to monitor the clients parking in designated spaces.

“These are clearly only some of the problems which could occur and it is

unfair that owners and permanent residents have the inconvenience of this , and, of course, added costs.”

Fort, Seafield and Wallacetown Community Council objected to the plan.

Concerns around noise and amenity, loss of housing and issues around parking were raised.

But planners say none of the issues merit refusal of the application.

They state that the national guidelines allow loss of residential accommodation to take account of ‘demonstrable local economic benefits’.

The planning report states: “The application site is located in close proximity to Ayr Town Centre and guests will have easy access to a variety of services and amenities located within the town centre.

“It is not unreasonable to assume that guests of the short term let will use such services and amenities and thus increase spend within the local area.

“Furthermore, it is noted from the submitted Operating Plan that the applicant uses a locally based company to undertake the laundry. Again, the application proposals are considered to support local economic benefit.”

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Destination South Ayrshire, in its representation in support of the plans, said: "Holiday lets contribute hugely to the South Ayrshire economy and have become more and more popular since Covid for visitors wanting to stay in self-catering and for small to medium groups to holiday together.

“Also, South Ayrshire is limited in the number of hotels and beds.

“The self-catering sector boosts the South Ayrshire economy by over £50m, and it has provided a vital source of alternative accommodation for major events and will continue to do so especially with two international events, the International Ayr Show – Festival of Flight in September 2023 and The Open Golf in 2024."

The change of use will be considered by South Ayrshire Council’s regulatory panel on Thursday, May 11.