A POPULAR Ayrshire Hospice fundraising event is to take place once again this year - with a "chilling" twist.

Last year saw the charity's first 'firewalk' event, as participants took part in a workshop before braving the walk over hot coals in their bare feet at Ayr Rugby Club.

Though this year a special challenge has been set - which takes the hospice to Ardrossan.

Due to take place during the Summer Soltice on Wednesday, June 21, the charity has organised a 'fire and water' challenge.

This looks to push people's boundaries and take on the hot coals with their bare feet before taking a dip in the sea to cool down.

Participants will be welcomed to the Ardrossan Community Sports Hub on Eglinton Road in Ardrossan, where they will be able to walk across hot coals.

Then, they can make the short trip across the road, and into the cold of the Firth of Clyde.

Organisers say they are very excited about the challenges this fundraiser can bring.

Ayrshire Hospice senior fundraiser, Claire Stuart-Paulin, said: “This is a fantastic challenge on the longest day of the year to fundraise for the Ayrshire Hospice.

“It’s a challenge that will push your boundaries and challenge you so get your family, friends or work colleagues and join us for what will be a great night."

The Fire and Water Challenge is sponsored by Invincible Security and their managing director Roger Woods says he is delighted to help launch this new event.

He said: "The hospice is such an important service helping many people throughout Ayrshire. 

“We’re delighted to be the event sponsor for the forthcoming Fire and Water Challenge; a brilliant new event coming to Ardrossan and we encourage everyone across Ayrshire to get involved, take on the challenge and help raise much-needed funds for the hospice.”

For those wishing to participate in the fundraiser, this comes at a cost of £25 per person. For more details, visit www.ayrshirehospice.org.