AN AYR thug has been jailed after slashing a couple with a Stanley knife blade in the town.

Dean Cleave seized on the blade after it fell out of the pocket of one of his victims on June 9 last year.

The repeat offender was jailed for 28 months after a judge said the 37-year-old’s “mum must be fed up” with her son’s behaviour.

Ayr Sheriff Court heard that Cleave had been released from prison five months before the attack, which happened in Princes Court, in the town’s White City area.

A not guilty plea to a charge of possessing the blade was accepted by prosecutors.

When Cleave appeared from custody last week [Wednesday, April 19], procurator fiscal depute Alasdair Millar said: “The locus was a footpath in the White City area in Ayr, heavily populated with a number of flats.

“The complainers were walking on the footpath, while the accused was on a bike. The accused started shouting and was asked to stop.

“There was a struggle, and a Stanley blade fell on the floor. The accused picked up and struck out, causing a laceration at the male complainer’s left eye.

“The female complainer started shouting. The accused struck out, causing a laceration to her left eye.

“The witness and accused wrestled over the blade. Police observed them engaged in a fight and advised them to stop.”

The two victims refused hospital treatment, while Cleave was taken to Kilmarnock police office.

Cleave's solicitor said: “Mr Cleave does appreciate custody is inevitable.

“Mr Cleave was keen for me to state the blade described was originally the product of the complainer.

“The complainer had been abusive to his female cousin; a struggle ensued, and it fell from his pocket.

“The accused then picked it up and acted in the way libelled.

“He deeply regrets being put in this position by his actions. He had been at liberty for five months."

Sheriff Mhairi MacTaggart said: “Mr Cleave, you are going to have to get on in life. At your age, it’s entirely in your hands.

“Your mum must be fed up.”

He received 28 months in custody, reduced from 32 months because of his guilty plea.

Cleave was admonished on a separate complaint where he admitted shouting and swearing in New Road, Ayr on June 12, 2020.