The 300 strong population of the Ayrshire coastal village of Maidens is joining forces to help save the world's under threat oceans.

A three day weekend gala event will be held in the the South Ayrshire village in June to raise awareness of local people to the potential damage to the seas by pollution, over fishing and climate change.

Maidens Community Association are also joining with other groups round the world to mark World Oceans Day that week.

The village's celebrations will centre round a giant Marquee pitched next to the harbour and will include live music, keynote speakers, a craft fair, bar and yoga lessons.

One of the organisers, Katherine Boyling, said: "The Maidens area has a great sea faring and fishing tradition and we want to reflect that in the events.

"A great many people use the local seas for rowing, paddle boarding and kayaking.

"There are also fishing boats which still operate from the harbour."

Speakers at the event, from June 10 to June 12, will include marine biologist and underwater photographer Doug Allan and local fisherman Howard McCrindle.

Live music will be provided by Dalmellington Brass Band, and the RNLI will also be in attendance.

Monday will be dedicated to classes with older pupils from North Carrick area primary schools, where they will meet with Howard and Doug.

Katherine added: "We are privileged to live by the sea in Maidens and want all residents to celebrate World Ocean Day with us.

"There will also be a party night, a band and bar on Saturday, so hopefully there will be something for people of all age groups and interests and we can make this an annual event.

"We are also inviting people from across Ayrshire to join us and show that local people can make a difference."

World Oceans Day was first started in 1992 is to inform the public of the impact of human's on the ocean.

The theme of this year's event is the threat to plants, animals and other sea organisms by global warming.