TROON already ranks high on the list of 'must visit' destinations for certain kinds of visitor - but an online travel blogger is hoping to give the town's tourist trade a further boost.

Holiday expert Scott Manson's 'Planes, Trains, Everything' channel on YouTube can attract up to 140,000 viewers and more at any one time.

In one of his latest episodes, Scott details a journey from Ayrshire's own Troon to another place of the same name 600 miles away - and return - for just £100.

He completed the round trip in nine hours.

The 63-year old travel guru made the programme after discovering an area of Belgium's capital Brussels which is also called Troon.

Australian-born Scott, who now lives in Paisley, has spent the last 40 years working for firms like American Express, Air New Zealand, and Barrhead Travel.

He says he hopes the town - popular for decades with seaside day-trippers and with golf fans around the world - might attract a new audience as a result of his latest video. 

Scott programme specialises in unusual holidays or journeys, at home and abroad, using public transport.

In this latest edition Scott's journey begins with a train trip from Troon to Paisley Gilmour Street.

From there he gets a shuttle bus to Glasgow Airport, a budget Ryanair flight to Charleroi in Belgium, the bus to Brussels and metro to Troon.

The total journey time was nine hours, at a cost of around £50 – including the flight.

He returned to Scotland the following morning, via Edinburgh, at roughly the same price.

Scott said:"I try to do journeys that people haven't done before. It gets people talking.

"At the start of the Troon programme, I don't tell people where the other Troon is, and they have to listen to the whole nine minute segment.

"Many thought I was heading to Troon in Cornwall.

"It is basically entertainment, but if you learn something new then so much the better.

"It is also aimed at the independent traveller rather than people who prefer beach holidays."

Since he launched Planes Trains Everything in 2019, Scott has created more than 250 travel videos and attracted 37,000 subscribers.

The Troon episode has already attracted 26,000 viewers in only a few days.

Scott says the Troon in Brussels is in the business part of the city and close to the European Parliament.

He added: "Hopefully the programme will attract more people to Troon.

"If it does then I will be delighted.

"During the journey I bumped into a few subscribers who recognised me.

"The usual question is "Where are you off to now?", but I've never had so many puzzled looks when I said I was travelling from Troon to Troon.

"Over the last year I've had many viewers tell me how they have been inspired to travel after seeing my journeys, so hopefully there will be a spin off for the Scottish Troon.

"It definitely has better golf courses and beaches than its Belgian version."

Scott's most successful programme attracted 141,000 viewers, who watched a trip he made by bus from Dublin to Belfast.

His most memorable episode was the 36 days spent travelling from the Algarve to Vietnam via Germany, Russia, Belarus, China, Mongolia, while his personal favourite trip was by rail from London to Inverness, which he says is one of the world's great train journeys.