The Northern Lights are set to come to Ayrshire this week as areas across the UK experience the phenomenon once again.

This comes as the Northern Lights were viewable across much of the country at the end of March after a major solar storm occurred.

The Met Office says onlookers could be treated to the rare spectacle this week as solar winds hit Earth's charged atmosphere.

With the Northern Lights likely to hit Scotland, here is everything you need to know.

What causes the Northern Lights as they come to Ayrshire?

The Northern Lights phenomenon is caused when there is a heightened activity from the sun like solar winds.

When these winds collide with the Earth's charged atmosphere, the aurora effect is produced, creating spectacular dancing lights in our night skies.

This occurred last month when a powerful solar storm took place following solar winds.

When are the Northern Lights coming to Scotland this week?

The Met Office Space Weather Operations Centre said the Northern Lights would come to Scotland tonight (April 20) and on Friday, April 21.

The Met Office said: "There is a growing chance of seeing the northern lights over the coming few nights, especially Thursday night.

"Aurora may be visible where skies remain clear across Scotland, as well as potentially as far south as Northern Ireland, north Wales, northern and central England." 

Ayr Advertiser: (Canva) The Northern Lights are best viewed from areas with low light pollution(Canva) The Northern Lights are best viewed from areas with low light pollution (Image: Canva)

Tips for seeing the Northern Lights in Ayrshire as Met Office issues guidance

The Met Office says the Northern Lights are best viewed in areas of low light pollution such as the countryside, Luckily Ayrshire is near one of the world's first 'dark sky' parks.

Areas like the Galloway Forrest Park are recognised for their exceptionally dark skies, making it an ideal spot for stargazers.

Here are some tips from the Met Office for seeing the Northern Lights as they return:

  • You need a clear night with no cloud cover
  • Find a dark location with no light pollution
  • Look toward the northern horizon
  • Be cautious that geomagnetic activity can cause disturbances to satellite navigation (GNSS/GPS etc)

What is the Met Weather forecast for Ayrshire as Northern Lights set to arrive tonight?

The Met Office predicts that Ayrshire will have clear skies throughout Thursday and Friday with a low chance of rain.

The temperatures could reach highs of 16C but these could drop dramatically by nightfall.

There will be low-speed winds but coastal areas could be much colder than inland regions.

The Northern Lights are expected to peak in Ayrshire on Thursday, April 20 and Friday, April 21.