A male GP has been turned away from a blood donation centre at an Ayr school after he refused to state whether or not he was pregnant.

The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS), which provides the NHS with life-saving blood supplies, said the mandatory question is "asked for donor safety" as part of a routine health check.

Dr Steffen McAndrew, 41, was shocked after he was sent away from Belmont Academy where he had booked an appointment to give blood on April 11.

After refusing to complete the from confirm that he was not pregnant, his donation was refused.

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Speaking to the Ayr Advertiser's sister newspaper, The Herald, Dr McAndrew said: "I can't believe they would refuse a donation from a man based on the fact I refused to say if I was pregnant.

"I can also understand those who have suggested, 'just tick the box', to enable a donation.

"However it is the principle of the matter.

"I'm pretty sure that was not a question a few years ago when I last donated; I think it was a question for females only.

"I gave blood fairly regularly until before the pandemic hit. This was my first time since."

Dr McAndrew added: "To say it is bonkers is an understatement.

"I have a nagging feeling that it is political correctness 'gone too far', trying to placate and pacify the gender-brigade.

"I am hugely supportive of the Blood Transfusion Service. They are vital to the day to day operation of the NHS.

"But I really think they are shooting themselves in the foot with this.

"A fellow medic on Twitter suggested I was 'virtue signalling' - I had to look up the definition! I certainly didn’t do that intentionally.

"It’s a fundamental problem in the NHS - and society - that common sense has been lost, obliterated.

"They simply said I could not donate if I didn’t answer the question."

A spokeswoman for the SNBTS said: "Since April 2022, SNBTS asks all donors to complete the following question on the donor health check, ‘Are you pregnant, or have you been pregnant in the last six months?’.

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"This question is asked for donor safety.

"Giving blood may be harmful for individuals who are pregnant, or who have been pregnant recently.

"We appreciate that for many donors (including some female donors such as post menopausal donors) this question will not be relevant.

"Following donor feedback, we are planning to update the wording of the question to ‘Are you pregnant, or have you been pregnant in the last six months? (If not applicable, please tick no)’.

"This is likely to be implemented at the next donor health check update, due in summer 2023."