Ayr's biking community have joined forces to help raise funds for a cancer stricken fellow enthusiast.

Debs Chambers, 54, has been a biker for more than 15 years - but now finds it almost impossible to ride because of her condition.

North Harbour Motor Cycles in Ayr has agreed to donate a second hand luxury Goldwing Bagger at cost price to make it easier for Debs and her husband Dave to go on long journeys together.

The firm are also putting on a fund-raising event on Saturday, May 27 at the shop premises to raise money towards the purchase of the bike.

It will include demonstrations of the latest models, a barbecue and a chance to meet other bikers from across Britain.

It's also hoped that former World Superbike champion Carl Fogarty will put in an appearance and people will have a chance to make donations on the day.


Dave and Debs Chambers

Dave and Debs Chambers


Dave, 55, says he has been humbled by the generosity of the biker community in helping Debs realise her dream of being able to carry on biking, while fighting cancer at the same time.

The couple are both from Rotherham in South Yorkshire and have five grown up children.

Dave added: "We would like to thank the staff at North Harbour Cycles.

"My wife loves bikes. So being able to buy the Goldwing will allow us to carry on what we both love doing together."

In February last year, Debs was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and told there was no chance of surgery to help.

Since then she has had intensive chemotherapy and then drug treatment which has held the cancer at bay.


Dave and Debs Chambers

Dave and Debs Chambers


But Debs now finds it impossible to be on a bike for any length of time.

Dave, who is a nurse, added:"Anything more than a short hop is just too uncomfortable and on poor roads just too painful.

"We both know and understand that over time things are not going to get better. "

David has set up a GoFundMe page to raise £16,000 for the purchase of the Goldwing.

So far the couple have raised around £2,000 but are hopeful of reaching their target in the next few months.

Dave added:"We are asking the biking community to make it possible for Debs and I to ride together for as long as possible.


Dave and Debs Chambers

Dave and Debs Chambers


"The Goldwing represents the epitome of motorcycle comfort.

"It will give us the longest time together to continue doing something we both love to do."

Debs added: "I will never be in remission as the cancer is incurable.

"I am stable at the moment due to the medication.

"I am monitored every three months but there will come a day when it will spread.


Dave and Debs Chambers

Dave and Debs Chambers


"The whole idea of the Goldwing is to give me a bit more comfort - it's like an amchair on wheels."

The former nurse is looking forward to her trip to Ayr next month.

Debs added:"We have booked the hotel and are raring to go."

Fellow biker Kyle Norton, 30, from Larkhall, Lanarkshire, is helping to organise the May fundraiser

He added: "There has been a big response so far from bikers in Ayr and beyond and we can't thank them enough."