AYR, Carrick and Cumnock MP Allan Dorans has urged women in the area with any concerns about signs of possible breast cancer to get in touch with their GP.

Mr Dorans attended an exhibition at Westminster entitled The Darker Side of Pink - organised by METUPUK, the UK’s only patient advocacy group dedicated to metastatic (secondary) breast cancer (MBC).

Each of the event's ‘Invisible Women’ shows a QR code, which can be scanned to reveal videos telling the individual statements of 31 of the group’s advocates.

During the short time the campaign has been running, seven of the women filmed back in September 2021 have died – reinforcing the importance of the campaign.

Mr Dorans said: "I was delighted to support Metastatic Breast Cancer UK (METUPUK) at their exhibition in Parliament to raise awareness of this dreadful cancer.

“One in seven women will develop breast cancer in the UK. Around 30 per cent of all breast cancer diagnoses will metastasize and become incurable at some point.

"The 31 pink silhouettes in the background represent the number of women who die EVERY DAY of metastatic breast cancer.

“If you have any concerns, however slight, about your health please do get in touch with your GP.”

Jo Taylor, founder of METUPUK, said: “Breast Cancer awareness is hugely important and valuable to many women, but the uncomfortable truth is that metastatic breast cancer is incurable and killing almost 1,000 of our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends every month.

"It can’t be sugar-coated and is severely under-represented in the global conversation around breast cancer.

"We’re passionate about changing the narrative to ensure that every woman facing metastatic breast cancer is supported and valued.”