The ongoing trial of motorhome parking in Troon is set to be expanded this summer.

Last month, South Ayrshire Council’s cabinet asked for a further review of the pilot scheme in Troon with a view to adding other sites to the trial.

Officials looked at six potential sites, including the one agreed previously.

These were:

Beach Road Car Park

North Shore Road (Barassie Toilet Block) Car Park

North Shore Road Car Park

Harbour Road (Ballast Bank) Car Park

Titchfield Road Car Park

South Beach Car Park

North Shore Road Car Park was part of last year’s pilot and cabinet had already agreed to keep the facility, albeit reducing capacity from 10 to five spaces.

The North Shore Road car park at the Barassie toilet block and Harbour Road car park were also approved. Set up costs will be £5,700.

Officers assessed the North Shore at the toilet block as already having a height restriction barrier which would have to be removed, but said it was not overlooked by other properties.

Their report continued: “It is a popular destination for visitors with easy access to the shore and used for picnics and by water sports enthusiasts.

“The area does not lend itself to the installation of traditional parking bay markings.

“The opening of the height restriction barrier will in effect create unrestricted access to all vehicles including caravans which are traditionally difficult to deal with from an enforcement perspective.”

They have recommended the car park be opened up to motorhomes and caravans but insisted the drivers would have to find a ‘suitable pitch’.

The Harbour Road Ballast Bank Car Park was the other site recommended for motorhome facilities.

The report states: “The northern section can accommodate longer motorhome vehicles and is wide enough to safely accommodate up to four motorhomes.

“The southern section is accessed via a narrow lane and there is inadequate turning space for longer vehicles.

“The parking area cannot accommodate perpendicular motorhome parking bays.”

The recommendation to cabinet is for four or five bays to be allocated in the northern section of the car park only, with signage to discourage use of the southern part.

Officers suggested that Beach Road, South Beach and Titchfield Road Car Parks be discounted .

Beach Road Car Park was dismissed because the northern car park is in close proximity to, and is overlooked by, flats.

The southern car park is smaller and has restrictions around HGVs and buses, and was therefore discounted.

Titchfield Road Car Park is described in the report as ‘a very well used facility given is proximity to popular shorefront walking routes and local amenities’.

This popularity meant that officers viewed the car park as large enough to accommodate dedicated motorhome bays, but they could ‘displace’ other car park users in summer and place ‘even greater parking strain’ on nearby streets.

Like Titchfield Road, South Beach car park is also described as very popular due to its easy access to the beach, being well used by ‘beach sport enthusiasts’.

They also said that, while they could create four motorhome bays, it would result in the loss of ‘up to 22’ standard parking bays.

If agreed by cabinet on Tuesday, the recommended sites would require improved signage and new road marking.

Only the North Shore Road at Barrassie toilet block would be given waste management facilities.

The report argues that providing hired waste facilities would not be cost effective and adds that ‘previous feedback confirms the belief that waste tanks are unsightly and recycling bins are used as unofficial recycling centres by the general public’.

The cabinet will consider the plans on Tuesday.