The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) have sent out a warning for wildfires in parts of Ayrshire this weekend.

Despite temperatures set to be around freezing, SFRS say that there is a 'very high' risk of wildfires across Ayrshire, as well as other parts of the country.

Parts of Ayrshire will be affected by the warning, which is in place from tonight until tomorrow (Saturday, March 11).

A yellow warning for snow and ice is also in place for most of mainland Scotland from 3pm on Saturday until 6am on Sunday.

The SFRS warning reads: "The weather pattern over the next few days – dominated by low-pressure, warm air to the south and cold air to the north and low humidity in the Southwest increases the risk [of wildfires].

"At this time of year, in early March, there is a lot of dead grass and heather left over from last year which can dry very quickly due to a combination of frost, low relative humidity, sunshine and wind and when ignited, acts as fuel which can spread wildfires over a wide area.

"Many wildfires are started deliberately or are due to careless, reckless or irresponsible behaviour and that risk peaks during early Spring.

"People who live, work or are visiting rural areas, in particular, are being urged to exercise the utmost caution to avoid fires breaking out."

SFRS Station Commander, John Harvey added: "Wildfires have devastating effects on our countryside and are extremely damaging to the environment, wildlife and nearby communities.

“With dry, winter conditions this weekend, wildfires could burn and spread with very high intensity in high-risk areas."