A heartbroken dog owner has sent out a warning after her pooch sadly died after ingesting an unknown substance.

Leanne Helm's dog had to be rushed to vets after appearing to eat something between Greenan Road and Scaur O' Doon Road in Ayr.

Sadly Holden could not be saved, with vets unable to determine what caused the dog to become so unwell.

Ayr Advertiser: Holden pictured with Ozzy.Holden pictured with Ozzy. (Image: Leanne Helm)

Leanne is now hoping that other pet owners, as well as parents of young children, can avoid having to deal with something similar.

Leanne's other pooch, Ozzy, is now having to adjust to life without his best friend, due to this unfortunate incident.

Sharing her warning on Facebook, Leanne said: "Devastated to be writing this but yesterday our dog ate something between Greenan Road and Scaur O' Doon Road which killed him.

"We will never know what it was but it acted on his system within minutes and even though we got him to the vets within 15 minutes, he couldn’t be saved.

"There was nothing in his sick so they’re thinking poison/drugs with how severe it was and how fast it all happened. He was a healthy 7-year-old boy.

"Please please please take extra care when walking your dogs, I would absolutely hate for anyone else to go through this.

"We are truly heartbroken, he was the best most gorgeous dog. RIP Holden".

The SSPCA have been approached for comment.