Much of the UK has been met with freezing temperatures this week as parts of England and south Wales and Scotland face snow as the Artcitc blast hits. 

Along with many people struggling in the colder months, animals also find it hard when a freezing cold snap hits. 

With pets finding it tough, you might want to double-check if you are taking the correct precautions for your dog during the colder time of year. 

Though many dogs loved to play around in the snow it might now be what's best for them, as it's key to ensure dogs are kept warm.

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When is it too cold to take dogs for a walk? 

Research from Tufts University Massachusetts suggests that walking dogs in temperatures between -1C and 4C could be unsafe for small to medium-sized dogs, according to National World. 

Whilst larger dogs can find -6C to 1C an unsafe temperature. 

They also add that although the temperatures are unsafe to walk dogs out in, you can take precautions. 

How to keep your dog safe on walks in the cold

One simple way you can keep dogs warm is by wrapping them up in a thick coat. 

As a charity, DogTrust suggests using a design with light-reflective features so your pet is visible to all. 

You should also keep your dog on a lead so they do not explore unsafe areas as well as ensure they do not play on ice-covered areas, such as ponds.