South Ayrshire's MSPs are urging residents to "quit and win" on No Smoking Day.

Brian Whittle MSP and Elena Whitham MSP are backing a health charity’s campaign on national No Smoking Day, Wednesday, March 8, by urging smokers in the area to make use of support services that can help them quit, benefitting their health, wellbeing and personal finances as a result.

The local politicians are supporting ASH Scotland’s ‘Quit and Win’ campaign, which is highlighting that giving up smoking brings health benefits such as decreasing the risks of coronary heart disease and lung cancer, after one year and 10 years respectively, by about 50 per cent compared to people who continue to smoke tobacco.

New analysis released by the charity also suggests that an average Scottish household containing people who smoke could save £3,308 within 12 months of quitting smoking.

Elena Whitham MSP said: "I am pleased to be supporting ASH Scotland’s ‘Quit and Win’ campaign and urge my constituents in Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley who smoke to reach out to local Quit Your Way services which provide free support and can help develop a personalised quit plan.

"“And this is a matter which chimes so very closely with my own family’s experience, when my dear mum Irene was diagnosed with lung cancer at the young age of 58 years. 

"My mum told me of how she started smoking when she was 14 years old and of her deep regret at not giving up cigarettes until she received her terminal cancer diagnosis."

Brian Whittle MSP added: “I’m proud to be supporting ASH Scotland’s ‘Quit and Win’ campaign and hope that anyone in South Scotland who smokes will get in touch with their local Quit Your Way services, which provide free support and can help develop a personalised quit plan.

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“Two thirds of adults in Scotland who smoke say they wish they had never started, so what better time than now to make a fresh start by deciding to quit? Not everyone manages to quit on their first attempt but it’s absolutely worth the effort.

"You’ll feel better, save money. If you’ve tried to give up before, don’t be discouraged as it can take more than one attempt, but it will be the best thing you can do for your health and your finances, as well as your friends and family."

Anyone who has the goal of giving up smoking is advised to contact Quit Your Way by calling the free helpline on 0800 848484 or create a quit plan at