AYR MSP Siobhian Brown has raised a motion in parliament applauding the heroic actions of Ayr brothers who saved a 15-year-old girl from drowning.

Twin brothers Christopher and Jonathon Easton were having a kickabout with a football on the Esplanade when they noticed a 15-year-old girl walking into the sea fully clothed on the evening of July 9, 2021.

As she walked farther out into the water and began to bob up and down about 150 yards offshore, they realised that something was wrong and rushed into the water after her.

In the end they were out of their depth and had to swim the remaining way to reach her.

By this time the girl was unconscious and unresponsive, but the brothers dragged her back towards the beach and began shouting for help which then came. The girl made a full recovery.

The motion submitted by Ms Brown on Tuesday, February 21 reads:

"That the Parliament applauds the heroic actions of Christopher and Jonathon Easton, from Ayr, who saved a 15-year-old girl from drowning; understands that the twin brothers, Christopher and Jonathon, were playing football at Ayr Esplanade in July 2021, when they saw the girl walking into the sea; commends both brothers for swimming out to sea to rescue the girl; understands that they called for help and, thanks to the emergency attention provided by medical students, Stefan Naczk, Laura Frew, and Saffron Young, the girl made a full recovery; congratulates the brothers on receiving an award from Chief Constable Sir Iain Livingstone at the Chief Constable's Bravery and Excellence Awards 2022 for their actions; commends Christopher and Jonathon for their bravery, and wishes them the very best for the future."

The pair were also  recognised by Sir Iain Livingstone at the Chief Constable’s Bravery and Excellence Awards on Friday, February 3.