A DRUNKEN fisherman who climbed through his girlfriend’s window went on to assault her – and then told her that she’d better “hope the police get me before I get you”.

Sean Goudie, 27, admitted assault and threatening or abusive behaviour after entering the property in Sloan Street, Ayr, uninvited on August 8 last year, pulling a TV off the wall, kicking a baby gate and punching wall.

He also pleaded guilty to repeatedly phoning and messaging the woman threatening violence.

All the charges were aggravated because the victim of Goudie’s behaviour was his partner – though the pair are no longer together.

Despite the seriousness of the attack, however, Goudie was spared jail when he appeared at Ayr Sheriff Court last week.

The procurator fiscal depute told Sheriff Mhairi MacTaggart: “At 9pm the witness went to bed with her 19-month old son and fell asleep at 10pm. The kitchen window in the locus was not secure.

“At 12.50am she was awoken by a loud bang. She then heard running upstairs. The accused said ‘I just want to talk’.”

With the woman intending to contact the police the pair began struggling over her mobile phone.

The fiscal depute continued: “She bit the accused in the finger causing him to drop the phone.

“The accused began striking her on the head and arms, shouting ‘I’ll give you something to phone the police about’.

“She began screaming and managed to get away upstairs and contact police. A neighbour above clearly heard a screaming woman.

“The accused returned downstairs, then, in the living room, began repeatedly punching walls causing a hole. He hit a door and radiator, bursting the radiator.”

Goudie had run off by the time police arrived, but cops who responded to the call noted the woman was extremely upset and had bruising on her arms and cheek.

The court then heard that later that day, Goudie contacted the woman by text, telling her “everyone gets f***ed’ and “you better hope the police get me before I get you”.

The fiscal depute continued: “This all gave her further stress, fear, and anxiety. She attended hospital with bruising on her face, right shoulder and concussion, requiring a scan to take place.

“She is very much in favour of a non harassment order.”

Tony Currie, defending, said Goudie, who regularly worked on a fishing boat based in Troon, had suspected the woman of being unfaithful.

Mr Currie said: “The relationship is over, and there is no ongoing communication.

“Rather than coercive control the behaviour was born out of extreme emotion.

“Mr Goudie left a public bar under the influence with the purpose of challenging his partner.

“This was all triggered in his head wrongly.

“This is a serious matter but there are direct alternatives to custody available.

Sheriff MacTaggart told Goudie he had put his victim, and her child, in a “horrendous situation”.

She added: “Whatever might have come to your attention, you assaulted her in the presence of a child in her own home – a place she should feel safe.

“The conduct was so bad I had to give very serious consideration to sending you to custody.”

Instead of prison, however, Goudie was put on a community payback order with three years of social work supervision.

He was also put on a non-harassment order banning him from having any contact with the woman until 2026 – and, as a condition of the order, must also take part in a programme which attempts to address male domestic abuse.

Goudie will return to court for regular reviews of the order, starting later this year.