A plane had to make an emergency landing at Prestwick Airport today after its wing appeared to catch fire.

The flight, scheduled from Edinburgh to JFK in New York, had to divert and landed at Prestwick just after 11am this morning.

One passenger captured footage of the 'fire', which was caused by a mechanical issue.

The footage appeared to show spurts of flames coming away from the wing.

Some people in Glasgow claimed to have been able to hear a sound coming from the plane as it flew overhead.

Fire service crews rushed to the aircraft as it landed in South Ayrshire.

A Scottish Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “We were requested at 11.23am on Friday, 10 February to assist our fire service partners at Prestwick Airport.

"Operations Control mobilised four appliances to the site, where firefighters remain working to support their partners."

A Delta Air Lines spokesperson added: "“Delta flight 209 from Edinburgh to New York-JFK safely diverted to Prestwick, Glasgow after a mechanical issue with the aircraft. We apologise to our customers for this inconvenience and are working to get them to their final destination as quickly as possible.

"The plane landed safely in Prestwick and our maintenance teams are evaluating the aircraft. We’ll be in touch with any updates."