CONCERNS over the impact of 'vaping' on the health of Ayrshire's young people have been raised at Holyrood by Ayr's MSP.

Siobhian Brown tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament at a cross-party Holyrood debate on Tuesday, January 31.

Last year the Advertiser reported how Ayr residents had contacted Ms Brown with concerns about reported vape use in primary school children as young as 11.

The MSP discussed the surge in youngsters vaping and attractiveness of the flavour and the colours.

After the debate Ms Brown said: “I have noticed a surge in the use of e-cigarette use amongst teenagers in the street and outside of secondary schools.

"And I’ve been contacted by constituents concerning children as young as 11 vaping in primary school. I was shocked to hear this, as it is illegal for anyone under 18 to buy e-cigarettes in Scotland.

“Vapes remain a relatively new product and there is still much to learn about the harm they do.

"However, it's clear to me that children and young people are being targeted by e-cigarette companies who sell brightly coloured vapes in thousands of enticing flavours like cotton candy and cherry cola.

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"Disposable vapes are also very cheap. Twenty cigarettes cost around £12 but vapes are around £4 and are the equivalent of around 45 cigarettes.  

“Vapes should only be used to help people stop smoking, not by under 18s or non-smokers.

"We’ve gone to great lengths to have cigarette packaging and the laws surrounding them changed. We must do the same with e-cigarettes or we face a real threat where generations of children will be addicted to nicotine.

"And it’s a concern that children will move from vapes to cigarettes.

“I thank everyone who took part in my member’s debate. I have had people from across all parties express their concerns.

"This debate further highlighted how widespread this problem is and what we as MSPs can do to tackle the issue.”

Sheila Duffy, chief executive of health charity ASH Scotland, said: “We thank Siobhan Brown MSP for highlighting her concerns about the upsurge in vaping by young people, which is driven by the popularity of cheap sweet flavoured, brightly coloured disposable vapes.

“Children and youths using these health harming products is a major worry and needs to be tackled by the Scottish Government as a matter of urgency.

"Most vapes include nicotine, which is highly addictive, and toxic e-liquids that have not been safety tested for inhalation and could risk damage to their growing lungs over time.”