Time and time again during the debate on the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, I raised concerns about the impact this Bill would have on women’s rights and single-sex spaces, and I wasn’t alone in my concerns.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women and Girls, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, various women’s rights organisations, and the UK Government all raised issues with the Bill. Yet, as we see so often with the SNP, these concerns were ignored.

Charging ahead with the legislation, the SNP Government successfully passed the GRR Bill while voting down amendments that would prevent sex offenders from abusing the new process to change their gender.

During the debate, I made clear that while I support trans rights and I am committed to improving their lives, I could not support a bill that would undermine women’s rights and undermine UK-wide equality legislation.

Last week, the UK Government intervened to prevent this legislation from becoming law. This decision was not made lightly.

In the 24 years of devolution, the Scottish Parliament has passed 347 Acts and the UK Government has never once used this power, until now.

As expected, Nicola Sturgeon has used this bill as a political tool, making overblown claims about democracy and devolution that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The only party undermining devolution right now is the SNP, by continually seeking a grievance and refusing to work with the UK Government.

For a moment, imagine what the SNP’s reaction would be if the UK Government passed legislation that undermined the rights of women and girls here in Scotland?

We all know they would be in uproar.

However, maybe the most frustrating part of this process is that Scottish Labour supported the SNP’s actions every step of the way.

They voted for the bill even though the SNP rejected amendments to make it harder for sex offenders to abuse the proposed system.

Now, many of their MSPs are right behind the SNP against the reasonable actions of the UK Government.

The SNP and Labour refuse to recognise that the UK Government has a responsibility to uphold equality law across our whole country. It’s right that they don’t turn a blind eye to legislation that could harm women’s rights in Scotland and across our United Kingdom.

There is still a chance to make this legislation work. But only if the SNP stop picking fights and start working alongside the UK Government.