Motorists in Ayr are STILL being told they face fines for using an Ayr car park despite having a valid ticket - almost two years after the problem first reared its head.

People who have used the Boswell Park car park in the town centre have been receiving letters from Workflow Dynamics, who run the car park, requesting they pay fines of one hundred pounds, despite them having a valid ticket for their stay.

We first reported the problem in the early summer of 2021.

At the time, David Peach, Workflow Dynamic’s managing director, acknowledged there was a problem and said they had resolved the issue and that no more fines would be sent out to people by mistake.

However, it appears the problem hasn't gone away.

One car park user, Wayne Dowdy, who works at the Gaiety Theatre, received a fine after his visit to the car park in November. 

Wayne had paid the £5 maximum charge for the day, with receipts for his purchases seen by the Advertiser.

He said: "I recently returned from working, for the third time, on a panto at the Gaiety Theatre.

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"As in previous years, I parked each day in Boswell Car Park, immediately behind the theatre.

"In the post on my return home were three separate, strongly-worded letters, each trying to charge me £100 for an overstay for which I had already paid, in good faith, the £5 maximum the machine will accept for a day’s parking.

"I noticed the rate had increased from £4 last year and, having paid by exactly the same method on both previous years with no problem, I genuinely believed I had paid the full correct fee.

"My car was not there every day as I alternated a car-share with a colleague staying at the same hotel. He chose to pay via the online phone app.

"He soon noticed he had been charged around £25 for a single stay, the car park cameras showing him entering one morning and leaving another evening.

"His dash-cam footage proved otherwise and he was quickly refunded the difference.

"Apparently, the ANPR cameras are not infallible. Or, perhaps, a little selective."

Workflow Dynamics have been approached for comment.