THE president of Ayr Archery Club is set to get his 'Santa locks' and beard shaved to support Scotland's Under 21 archers.

Ged Laing will brave the shave tomorrow at Rainbow Rooms International salon in Ayr.

The hairdresser, Rhona Lopez, is a current member of the Scotland Commonwealth archery team.

It's all part of a fundraiser to support Scotland's Under 21 Archery team through youth competitions, introducing them to the needs of national-level representation and shaping them for entry into Archery Great Britain programmes.

As part of their efforts, the group have been gathering sponsorship for members of the archery community to 'Go Bald for Gold', and having reached their first milestone, Ged will shed his locks at 1.30pm tomorrow (Thursday).

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For every fundraising milestone that the team reach, another member of the archery community in Scotland will go under the barber's blade.

The Under-21 Archer's are asking for your help, and are looking for any donations possible.

For more information and to make a donation, visit