A GIRVAN drug dealer has been jailed after he was caught selling cannabis and ecstasy pills from his home in the town.

Dale Powell, 29, admitted distributing the substances from an address in Woodlands Square last year.

Fiscal depute Chris Munro told a hearing at Ayr Sheriff Court last week: “At 9.30am on August 19, 2021 police officers obtained a sheriff’s warrant.

“At 11.10am police found the accused in the living room with two other individuals.

“In relation to charge one, police found 179.2g of cannabis. Analysis showed the total, when subdivided, had a potential value of £1,530.

“In relation to charge four, 19 capsules were found with a potential value of £10 a capsule. In addition they found £435 and other materials indicating supply including scales.

Defence solicitor John Gallagher said: “He turned to cocaine and developed a significant habit developing into significant debt. Effectively this became unsustainable.”

He explained rather than alerting family of his struggles, to pay the debt he ‘took substances from the individuals to sell’.

Sheriff Siobhan Connolly said: “These drugs are a scourge on society. Given the nature of class A and B nothing short of a custodial sentence would be appropriate.”

Powell was jailed for eight months.