SOUTH Ayrshire councillors have met up with a breastfeeding charity in a bid to raise awareness of public breastfeeding.

Charity The Breastfeeding Network and local politicians announced their joint support by signing up to a Scottish Government scheme which helps remove the barriers many mums face when breastfeeding in public.

The scheme aims to provide mums with positive experiences of breastfeeding when out and about, enabling mums to feel confident and supported and to raise awareness of the breastfeeding.

The authority's leader, Councillor Martin Dowey, said: “By supporting Breastfeeding Friendly Scotland, we are making a positive contribution to the health and wellbeing of South Ayrshire’s families and children.

"County Buildings is the first of our buildings to become a safe space for mums to come to breastfeed, and we’ll work in partnership with the NHS to implement the scheme across our buildings across South Ayrshire in the future.”

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Ruth Campbell added: “We are delighted that South Ayrshire Council have pledged their support for the County Buildings to become more breastfeeding friendly.

“Mums tell us that feeling uncomfortable in public is one of the main barriers to breastfeeding, so it makes sense to remove those barriers.

"Part of this is letting people know that it is not OK to suggest to a mum feeding her child that she covers up, goes to a toilet, or moves away from other people. An encouraging smile is all that is needed.”

Business owners can sign up to the new Breastfeeding Friendly scheme by emailing

Mothers looking for advice can visit or call the National Breastfeeding Helpline on 0300 100 0212.