Two men who took part in a vicious machete attack on a father moments after he was seen carrying a child on his shoulders were locked up on Monday (today).

Stuart Jess, 40, of Troon, and John Lucas, 43, of Coatbridge, targeted Marc Webley in the assault. 

The victim suffered large gaping wounds and was left in a state of shock.

When Jess was later detained by police he was found to have a piece of paper inside a bag with 35-year-old Webley's address in Edinburgh written on it.

He told cops: "I just came through to do what I was told - to drive. I didn't commit any violence against anyone.

"If I hadn't done this, I would be getting the kebab sticks."

Jess and Lucas were originally charged with attempting to murder their victim in the attack at Wester Drylaw Drive, in Edinburgh, on March 9 last year.

But after the Crown amended the charge at the High Court in Edinburgh by withdrawing the murder bid allegation the pair admitted assautling him by repeatedly striking him on the head and body with a machete to his severe injury, permanent disfigurement and danger of life, whilst acting with another.

Advocate depute Ewan Cameron told the court the attack took place during the afternoon in a residential street in the city.

The prosecutor said: "Mr Webley has declined to cooperate with police and has not provided a statement in relation to what happened to him." 

The court heard Jess hired a black Dacia Sandero from a rental firm in Ayr and on the eve of the attack he drove through to the capital.

On the morning of March 9 he drove the vehicle to the city's Saughton area where several people left a flat and got into the Dacia.

The car was then driven to Drylaw and after spending time in the area returned to Saughton before setting off again for the attack site with Jess driving and two male passengers.

Lucas was a passenger in the rear seat. 

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CCTV cameras caught the attack victim walking on Wester Drylaw Drive with a young boy on his shoulders, carrying what appeared to be a school bag in his hand.

The black Dacia was seen travelling at a slow pace following Webley at a distance before accelerating.

Two figures in dark clothing emerged from the vehicle after it stopped.

Mr Cameron said that within seconds of the figures leaving the vehicle the distressed cries of a young child were picked up by a camera which has an audio recording capability.

The attackers returned to the Dacia which was driven off at speed.

Witnesses saw Webley bleeding from injuries to his head and leg and in a state of shock, said Mr Cameron.

A 999 call was made but members of the victim's family turned up and took him to hospital.

The attack victim was found to have a wound to the back of his head and a skull fracture.

A total of 15 staples were put in the flesh wound.

He required surgery to two large gaping wounds on his left thigh and lower leg. All the injuries will result in permanent scarring.

A machete with blood linked to the attack victim was recovered by police during a search of a flat at Murrayburn Grove, in Edinburgh, days after the assault.

DNA from Lucas was found on the handle.

The court heard that Lucas has previously been jailed for violent crimes at courts at Manchester and Bolton in England.

Jess has previously been jailed at Ayr Sheriff Court for heroin trafficking.

The Crown accepted a not guilty plea by a third accused, Marcus Scott, 26, from Bury, in Lancashire, to the assault on Webley.

He admitted unlawful possession of a lock knife on May 11 last year at Motherwell police station after a car he was a passenger in was stopped on the M74 motorway.

The judge, Lord Armstrong, told him he would not be sentenced to any further period of custody after he was informed Scott has been in prison since May last year.

He ordered background reports to be prepared on Lucas and Jess and both were remanded in custody ahead of sentencing.