A PROFESSIONAL eater has taken on a Prestwick restaurant and its "undefeated" burger challenge in a new viral YouTube video.

Randy Santel, who has 1.51m YouTube subscribers, stepped up to the plate to take on BUF Prestwick's Undefeated "Big Dirty Cow" Scottish Burger Challenge hosted by Big Dibby's Kitchen.

The footage originally appeared in a Facebook Live in August, and was reported by the Advertiser at the time.

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Santel has now shared footage on his YouTube channel of the epic challenge which involves eating "five 6oz Scottish beef hamburger patties stacked and layered with cheese, ladles of beefy chilli con carne, fried onion rings, and healthy vegetables".

The challenge also included "10 'Not So Jumbo' Chicken Wings, a bowl of creamy Scottish coleslaw, 8 fried chicken tempura, and a giant portion of loaded chilli beef and cheese chips".

Along with all the food, Santel had to also drink a pint of Tennent's Lager.

In the video, which has been viewed almost 200,000 times, Santel became the first person to finish the challenge, eating and drinking the lot in 29 minutes and 20 seconds.