AYR's powerchair football club have topped their group after the first round of Championship matches.

Ayrshire Tigers, who play in Ayr, finished on 6 points after the weekend's Scottish Championship games were over at The Peak in Stirling.

The Tigers were awarded the points against Strathclyde Caledonia as they forfeited the game due to not having enough players.

However, Caledonia still wanted to play so the Tigers agreed to play them in a friendly with two of Strathclyde's Premiership players filling in.

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Tigers won the friendly 5-3.

The Tigers played their final match of the day against Dundee United knowing that a win would see them finish  League Day 1 top of the championship.

The Tigers continued their fine form from the previous match and won the game comfortably 4-0 with Doull and Niven scoring 2 goals each.