A new Coylton community garden will ‘bring a disjointed community back together’ according to the group behind the project.

The garden will be developed on land to the rear of 20 Joppa with strong backing from residents, schools and the village’s care home.

The plan was approved by South Ayrshire Council last Thursday.

In a supporting statement, Coylton Community Garden group said: “It is proposed that the garden will be in the centre of the village and accessible to all residents.

“The allotment project has attracted many volunteers, some who have experience in horticultural projects and many who have no experience at all.

“Being able to show children how wildlife can be nurtured and how to grow food without impacting the environment is attracting the attention of the local primary school.”

The group also said that the village gala would be centred around the garden, which will include areas for quiet reflection, small memorial and sensory garden.

They added: “The garden will bring many parts of our community back together after two years of covid restrictions and anxieties.

“The project will give the children of Coylton a place to nurture their own garden and grant them the opportunities to learn how to manage and potentially fund their own garden, all good skills for the future.

“Local budget cuts along with covid has forced many groups and clubs to close leaving the village without places to meet and engage other members of the community.

“By having this open community garden we will be able to bring a disjointed community together once more.

“Once a thriving place to live with many meeting spaces such as the library and sports activity centre, our community facilities have diminished.

“The garden project will enhance the village and give residents different opportunities and promote health and wellbeing within the community and hopefully beyond.”

The garden will be open from 9am to 6pm in summer and 9am until 4pm in winter. It received backing from the local schools, care home and Provost Iain Campbell.

Cllr Campbell said: “I have been an avid supporter of any investment in Coylton, as it is a much overlooked locality within South Ayrshire, and this project is excellent in the fact that it is supported by all sides of the community.

“It will provide disabled access, a quiet area, a growing area and importantly, has the support of the primary school teachers as a learning tool for the pupils.

“There are few projects that can pull a whole community together, and it is enlightening to find that this has been achieved by a few highly motivated selfless members of the Coylton community.”