A WHITE City man threatened to murder a resident if they didn’t open their door – after accidentally turning up shouting and swearing at the wrong home.

Mark Reilly, 43, admitted threatening behaviour in Princes Court on August 17 last month while out on bail – after being told by a female friend she had been put out her house.

However an enraged Reilly then turned up at the wrong door and after waking up residents with his threats then fled the scene on realising his mistake.

Reilly, of Blue Triangle, Charlotte Street, Ayr also pleaded guilty to a single charge on an earlier complaint breaching bail conditions by entering Russell Drive back in May 6.

When he appeared in court for sentencing last week [Thursday, September 15] the Procurator Fiscal depute said: “Just after midnight the witness was asleep in bed and awoke to the accused shouting, swearing and hitting the door.

“Looking out the peephole they saw the accused say “open this door before I f***ing kill you!” He then said: “I’ll put it in you, you c***”

Reilly’s defence solicitor said: “He is 43, single, he had a bit of a drink problem but has been doing well over a month.

“Mr Reilly was approached by a female who appeared upset and told him her boyfriend had put her out the house and not given any clothes. She was known to him.”

He added: “She didn’t live at this address, Mr Reilly went to the wrong door that’s why he shouted – he then realised he had got it wrong and left and when police arrived he wasn’t in the vicinity.

“He thought he was doing the girl a favour, but he wasn’t, he was upsetting the people who were in the house.”

Sheriff Desmond Leslie said: “Mr Reilly there’s a lot of people trying to do a lot of good work in the area you stay, so much so they have rechristened the white city into the bright city.

“This behaviour flies into the face of that.

“You went to the wrong house, fair enough, but that doesn’t excuse you. There was children there.”

Sheriff Leslie placed Reilly on a community payback order with supervision for one year.