A MAN who spat at and punched nurses then later called the police ‘f*****s’ as officers offered him a lift home was jailed for repeatedly abusing ‘those tasked with trying to help him’.

Gordon McKay, 47, appeared for a review of his community payback order after dodging jail for his behaviour at Ayr Hospital on July 2 last year.

McKay also admitted abusing cops during a journey from King Street, Ayr to his address in Dunlop Court, Troon, and then en route to Kilmarnock Police Station – with the charge aggravated by sexual preference prejudice.

McKay previously pleaded guilty to punching and kicking one female nurse on the body and spitting at her during the outburst at the hospital – as well as punching a male nurse and again spitting.

He pleaded guilty to a third charge of spitting on another female and male nurse.

The Procurator Fiscal depute said: “At 7pm on September 2, the accused was traced by police officers, clearly intoxicated and lying on the ground. They agreed to take him home.

“When in the police vehicle he started swearing, calling them ‘c***s’.

"He then said he would ‘kick his c*** in’ and started punching the back seat.

“This behaviour continued then they managed to calm him down. He then lunged at a police officer body armour shouting and swearing.

“He called them ‘f*****s’ a number of times.

Defence solicitor Steven Maxwell said: “He lost his temper and managed to get himself arrested.

“He tells me he is trying – to be fair he’s looking a lot better and cleaner.”

However Sheriff Desmond Leslie said: “I have tried to help you, I’ve given you a chance in face. It is a terrible [social work] report.

“You are abusive to people tasked with trying to help you.

“I will revoke the community payback order and you will go to jail for one year. On the second charge you will be admonished.”