A WOMAN falsely told her ex that she had cancer – and sent fraudulent emails pretending to be from the NHS to back up her lies.

Andrea Teresa Burns, 39, admitted stalking her ex boyfriend while at Mochrum Avenue, Maybole from January 16 to May 11 last year.

She previously pleaded guilty to engaging in a course of conduct which caused him fear and alarm after he brought the relationship to an end by repeatedly phoning, texting and emailing him.

According to court papers Burns told her ex she had had a termination and that she had cancer.

She later sent her former partner letters pretending to be from the NHS and BMI Business Services in an attempt to make him believe her false claims were true.

The charge states she also adopted the persona of ‘Sarah Jane Williams’ and sent him emails under this false identity.

Burns had previously been spared jail for the offence, instead being placed on a community payback order with supervision by a social worker.

When she appeared at Ayr Sheriff Court last week for a review of the order, Burns, of West Wellhall Wynd, Hamilton, was told that because of the “unusual charge” it would be best for the order to continue and for her to remain under social work supervision.