PLANS have been approved to keep Troon's giant Ferris wheel at the shorefront for the next two summers.

The 32-metre structure received approval after plans were submitted back in May, however, the "Troon Eye" was operational back in April where residents and tourists could see the historic town from the air.

The wheel will continue to be operational on the Esplanade between April 1 and September, 2022 to 2024.

After these periods, the structure will then be removed from the site and the land “restored to its former condition” to the "satisfaction of the planning authority".

A South Ayrshire Council planning statement said: "Although it is recognised that the Ferris wheel, due to its location and proposed height, will be very prominent within the streetscape and wider locale, it is considered that the temporary nature of the proposal will ensure that the character and amenity of the locale will be safeguarded, subject to a condition which ensures that the Ferris wheel is removed from the site at the end of each period.

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"It is considered that the proposed development will have a neutral impact on the character and appearance of the conservation area at this location given that the Ferris wheel is to be sited within an existing established play area/ Fair site, is for a temporary period, and is temporary in nature.

"The council is in favour of protecting listed buildings and their settings, especially from inappropriate development.

"It is recognised that the application site is in close proximity to a War Memorial and the Municipal Buildings which are both listed.

"However, it is considered that the proposal will not have a significant adverse impact on the setting of the listed structures, again as a consequence of the Ferris wheel’s temporary nature at the locale."