A Maybole pub has turned its operations around after police raised issues earlier this year.

South Ayrshire Licensing Board carried out a review of The Carrick, Whitehall, in March.

As a result, the premises were closed for a period of time to allow re-training of staff and the then premises manager Michael Lothian had his licence revoked.

Licensing officer Catrina Andrews will report back to the licensing board next week after members asked for an update at the time of the review.

In her report, she states: “Since the premises re-opened there have been various ongoing staff changes and the premises manager has changed twice.

“The current premises manager is Sandi Graham who has advised that she has leased the premises from Donna Dunlop, who is now only acting as the landlord and has no financial or management interest in the running of the premises.

“Additionally, I am aware that Michael Lothian no longer works at the premises and has recently lodged an application to transfer the premises licence to Sandi Graham.

“Initially after re-opening various visits were made to the premises by myself and officers from Police Scotland and a few different staff members took charge.

“The premises licence continued to be held by Michael Lothian but Donna Dunlop and family members became more involved in the running of the premises and a new premises manager was appointed in April.

"After that premises manager left in May, there was an application to transfer the premises licence to Donna Dunlop with Sandi Graham as manager.

“However after difficulties with staffing and a few minor incidents the premises manager contacted me personally in May to advise that he no longer wanted to hold this position and was leaving the premises to work elsewhere.

“An application was lodged in June 2022 to transfer the premises licence to Donna Dunlop and to nominate Sandi Graham as the premises manager.”

A visit by licensing and police was made to ensure issues regarding the locking of a fire door and rooms not covered by CCTV were understood.

Issues around asking patrons to leave the premises and checking of IDs and CCTV were also discussed.

While there is no food service at present, this may start up again on the proviso that under 18s are not allowed on the premises, even to collect food.

A steward will also be required on the door on a Friday or Saturday night should it open past 9pm.