A HOTEL and spa set amongst the quiet countryside of Dumfries and Galloway has earned itself a reputation for giving a warm welcome to dogs as well as to its human guests - although the owners say that wasn't in their plan.

Adam and Jan Moore have been welcoming guests to Trigony House Hotel, near Thornhill, for the past 23 years - but the building's story stretches much further back than that.

In the 18th century, it was a shooting and fishing lodge for nearby Closeburn Castle, and a 19th-century resident, Miss Frances Shackerly, was for a time the oldest person in Scotland at the age of 107.


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In 1938, craftsmen arrived to hand craft and install the hotel's Japanese oak panelling, staircase and long landing windows.

And Adam and Jan say they see themselves as stewards of the building and its traditions.

Chef Adam said: "When we came here it was a fishing hotel, and over the years we have changed it partly into a destination hotel and partly a stop-over between north and south.

"We've a long-standing reputation for being dog friendly, and it's funny because we didn't really start off by going 'ah, there's a niche there', and that we'll be dog friendly.

"We've always had dogs so we're just welcoming."

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The hotel also offers a special and private spa service.

"There's a wood fired hot tub and a wee sauna cab too, and we offer massages.

"Normal hot tubs are so full of chemicals you can literally feel your skin fizzing, so we're very eco-friendly.

"It's only used once a day and it's exclusive use, and we change the water every day so there's no chemicals in it."

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Trigony House Hotel and Spa is all about relaxation, with the rolling hills of the Southern Uplands and the river walks of the Nith Valley alongside the sandy beaches and cliff top paths of the Solway Coast all a short drive away.

The hotel is also set within a criss cross of walking paths, alongside external activities on the hotel grounds including falconry, horse riding and vintage car hire.

The food on offer at the hotel is sourced locally, and proudly suports the Dumfries and Galloway farming community, with fruits and vegetables also grown in the hotel garden.

For more information and to book your stay at the hotel visit trigonyhotel.co.uk.