A THUG shoved his partner when she was pregnant – before later repeatedly punching her head and stomach the next year when out on bail.

James Calderwood, 27, repeatedly seized her on the body and pushed her while she was 37 weeks pregnant during an incident in the Adamton House Hotel, Monkton on October 9 last year.

Calderwood also caused fear and alarm during the incident by acting in an aggressive manner.

The complaint states he also shouted, swore and smashed the rear window of a car – aggravated by involving abuse of a partner.

Calderwood also faced a second Crown indictment – with his address then listed as HMP Kilmarnock – after approaching his partner in Crown Street, Ayr while an accused person out on bail under strict orders not to contact her.

He admitted then repeatedly punching her on the head and repeatedly punching her in the stomach – with charges aggravated by involving abuse of a partner and while out on bail.

Sheriff Mhairi MacTaggart placed Calderwood under supervision in a Community Payback Order and will have to take part in the Caledonia programme to address domestic abuse.

On the summary matter sentence was deferred until a later date.