According to Advice Direct Scotland energy bills could reach amounts as high as £4,000 per year.

The average energy bill could climb to nearly £4,000 a year from January as gas prices continue to push upwards, it has been reported today.

South Ayrshire are already paying on average 24.2% more than the price cap that is planned to be introduced in October of this year according to statistics from

This makes South Ayrshire's energy bills the 78th highest area for energy costs in the UK.

Energy consultancy Auxilione has said the price cap could be increased further than previously expected. It said that between October and December the price cap is likely to be £3,488 per year for the average household, up from £1,971.

In January, this could rise by another £500, reaching £3,994.

Conor Forbes, director of policy with Advice Direct Scotland, said, "This latest warning will alarm many households across Scotland.

"We know that people are already struggling with recent rises, but there is a very real likelihood of huge increases this winter.

"Free support and advice is available for anyone in Scotland  through, and our advisers can explore eligibility for grants such as the Scottish Home Heating Support Fund or ensure that households are claiming all the benefits they are entitled to.”